as seen in
"The best smart-home device we saw at CES 2019"
Business Insider (January 2019)

Folded thousands of laundry items

Latest prototype folded thousands of people's items during early field tests with dozens of families who participated in the pilots.
(Early pilots conducted in homes and in laundromats)

Defensible Robotic Folding Technology

Protecting the competitive advantage by investing heavily in patents while keeping the robotic folding algorithms encrypted and usage data private.

Raised $9M

BSH Home Appliances Group, known for its brands Bosch and Siemens, invested $8.3M in prior rounds.

350,000 are waiting

Since June 2016, over 350K potential customers and 250 businesses worldwide have joined the pre-order waitlist. Close to 2,000 distributors worldwide have applied to partner with us.

$890,000 in deposits

Over $13M of potential pre-orders!
Within 18 months 12,500 customers paid a deposit to be first to own a FoldiMate.



Consumer (B2C)


Commercial (B2B)

"Right now the consumer robotics industry is estimated to be a $5.5 billion industry and is expected to have explosive growth in the next five years."  

Seeking Alpha, March 2019 


Some people would stand on their head for a FoldiMate. Are you ready to be part of our future?


I’m not in the U.S. can I invest on SeedInvest?

SeedInvest generally accept all investments, though you may be restricted from investing in certain circumstances depending on the jurisdiction in which you live in and its local laws. Email if you have any questions.

How can I ask questions about the campaign?

You can view the questions being asked by other investors on SeedInvest DISCUSSION BOARDand ask your own questions. We will respond as quickly as we can.

Join a live webinar with the CEO

How can I learn more about SeedInvest & Equity Crowdfunding?

Seedinvest is a leader in the equity crowdfunding space. Unlike other platforms, they vet each company they work with and only accept 1% of applicants. You can learn more about startup investing here: SeedInvest Academy or feel free to contact them at

How can I help?

Even if you are cannot invest at this time, please share this unique opportunity with anyone you know who hates folding laundry or loves to invest in cool startups that can make a difference. Help us to make history and reach our funding goal as soon as possible.

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